Arbitrator Sets Contract Between Union And Province

Posted on Thursday, December 7, 2017 12:49 PM

NSGEUnionized civil servants and the province finally have a contract.

An arbitrator announced this morning the six-year deal would run from April 2015 until March 2021.

The contract is two years longer than what government had said they wanted.

There will be no wage increases in the first and second years, one percent in the third year, one and a half percent with a half percent on the final day of the year in the fourth, fifth and sixth years.

Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union president Jason MacLean says his members can finally just go about their jobs.

"Stability in somebody's workplace, that's what our members want and that's what they're going to get until 2021. Government can go one now and govern and leave their collective agreements alone."

MacLean says this is a victory for his members.

"What's important to them is the dictation (sic) is gone, and wage restraint was broken. And not only that, they're provided with an opportunity to make a decision on their public service award themselves, their full public service award, not at a discount."

MacLean says NSGEU members will be able to receive their long service award in either an immediate payout or when they retire.

The union president says most importantly, the arbitrator's decision will change how negotiations proceed with government in the future.