Municipality Considering New Civic Signage Bylaw

Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 11:38 AM

The Municipality of Argyle may look into the possibility of implementing a bylaw which would require residents have clear, reflective civic signage.

At issue are long driveways, off main roads, with more than one house.

Councillor Lucien LeBlanc says he was approached by local fire departments, which unlike EHS, don't have GPS units.

He says the departments are often the first on the scene and have had difficulties locating certain houses.

LeBlanc tells CJLS News the issue is only in the discussion stage right now.

"It's something we're contemplating at the moment but the end goal would be to identify civic signage in a much clearer manner."

Right now the municipality provides civic signs to residents at no cost.

LeBlanc says he hopes that would also apply should a bylaw be developed but that hasn't been decided yet.

He says it is all about the safety of residents.