Clear Cutting Proposal Has Shelburne County Woman Worried

Posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 12:32 PM

A Shelburne County woman hopes others will join her in opposing proposed clear-cutting.

Shelly Hipson says the province is asking for public input.

Over 600 hectares could be clear-cut if approval is given.

The land parcels are behind Jordan Falls, between Beaverdam and Clyde River and near Allendale, which is close to Lockeport.

Shelly Hipson says it's important that residents provide feedback to the government.

"I think there's a better way to manage our forests than to clear cut. "It is easy for tree harvesters to go in with huge machinery and destroy everything taking only what they want, but this is home to an entire eco-system.

More information can be found online at the Department of Natural Resources: :