Teachers Walk Out En Masse

Posted on Friday, February 17, 2017 09:25 AM

Over 300 teachers from the NSTU Yarmouth local have gathered along Starr's Road this morning to protest Bill 75.

They are joining the their other 9 thousand counterparts as part of a province-wide walkout.

The legislation, when passed, would impose a contract on Nova Scotia's 9300 teachers and end their work-to rule.

Yarmouth teacher Allen Whittaker told he fellow educators that their message will be loud and it will be clear.

"What we are going to do is send a message to Stephen McNeil and his government that we want his Liberal MLA's to vote 'no' on '75' . We want them to hear us in Sydney."

Teacher Andrew Hiltz says Bill 75 is a ridiculous piece of legislation.

He says it has been a volatile situation since day

"Stephen McNeil is on record saying this is a powder keg, 20 years in the making. And it has, it's been years and years of problems building up in the classroom. But you don't walk into a room with powder using a blow torch. He came in from the beginning saying 'take it or leave' it."

Opposition MLA's hammered the government late into the night over Bill 75.

The Liberals are hoping the law will be passed by Tuesday and bring an end to the teachers' work-to-rule campaign.

Both the PC's and NDP accused Government House Leader Michel Samson of ignoring the rules and preventing hundreds of people who wanted to speak before the Law Amendments Committee earlier in the evening.

The MLA for Queens-Shelburne, Sterling Belliveau, said never before has the Legislature seen such levels of protest.

Argyle-Barrington MLA Chris d'Entremont said the Liberals denied his right to hear at least 75 per cent of people who registered to speak before the committee.