Universite Sainte Anne Library Modernized

Posted on Monday, November 5, 2018 12:22 PM

The libarary at Universite Sainte Anne has re-opened after extensive renovations.

Pamela Maher, director of the Bibliothèque Louis-R.-Comeau, tells CJLS News about the renovations.

"Installing new windows, we had some new lighting put in, upgrades for technology, new plugs and new USB plugs, the wi-fi was upgraded, new paint job, some new study rooms, computer labs, things like that, were the major parts"

Maher says some of the esthetics had to be updated, as well.

"And a new floor, as well. That was pretty big because we had red carpeting from 1977 that had never been upgraded or replaced. That was a huge change for us just on an esthetic level"

The total budget for the renovation was $880,000 with half coming from the Government of Canada and half from Université Sainte-Anne.