Residents Enjoying New Yarmouth County Trail

Posted on Monday, June 19, 2017 09:37 AM

The Warden of the Municipality of Yarmouth says money spent on a trail was a great investment.

A couple of years ago some residents of Kelley's Cove and Rockville presented the council with a petition asking that a sidewalk be built through part of the two communities.

The municipality didn't have the money budgeted for a concrete or asphalt sidewalk.

Warden Leland Anthony says they looked at another option.

"We came up with a walking trail. We had our engineer design that style and allowed us to do almost two kilometres. I was pleasantly surprised and my fellow councillors were surprised too when they had only finished about the first 600 feet, people were out walking on it. "

Anthony says even before the walking trail was complete recently, residents were using it.

He says it fits perfectly with the Municipality's Active Living Initiative.