Argyle-Barrington PC MLA Concerned Over Ambulance Wait Times

Posted on Friday, March 31, 2017 16:07 PM

A Progressive Conservative Health Critic wants answers on an alleged increase in ambulance wait times.

Chris d'Entremont, the MLA for Argyle-Barrington says he's hearing from the community, including the fire department and those close to the EHS system that the priority of the ambulance base in Pubnico has changed.

"There might not be a paramedic sitting in Pubnico. They might be out on another call, or shipping someone to Halifax. That leaves us to depend on the base in Yarmouth or the base in Barrington."

d'Entremont says that can bring deadly wait times.

He says because of Pubnico's relatively larger population, the ambulance base needs to be a priority one.

"Is this true that our priority of our ambulance base has changed? There are added call volumes in the province, there isn't more hiring going on and I haven't seen any extra ambulances purchased. What is happening and how safe are Nova Scotians right now?"

He is asking Health Minister Leo Glavine for an explanation as soon as possible.

d'Entremont says he will be bringing the issue forward when the House resumes sitting April 25th.