Town of Yarmouth Tweaks Sewer By-Law

Posted on Friday, August 11, 2017 06:06 AM

The changes were made Thursday night at council's regular meeting.

The issue became front and centre after Rodney Crowe of Tooker Street had his sewer backup into his basement earlier this year, and was on the hook to replace a sewer lateral under the street, which is on town property.

Crowe called the by-law unfair, saying he shouldn't be responsible for fixing something off his property.

The changes are aimed at providing relief to those in Crowe's situation.

Included are the the elimination of a deposit system for sewer laterals, and will allow the town to place a lein on the property to cover the cost of repairing substandard work for 12 months following the issuing of a street disturbance permit for sewer lateral repair.

The town will assume responsibility for replacing asphalt and concrete street infrastructure following the replacement of sewer laterals, but the homeowner is still responsible for fixing the sewer line.

Crowe spoke at last night's meeting, still showing frustration with the by-law.

"They tell you what you're supposed to use for pipe, they tell you how you're supposed to lay the pipe, they tell you everything and they won't allow you to fill it in until they've inspected it and decided that yes, it's the way it's supposed to be. They're setting all the rules but yet they're putting all the blame on the homeowner and I just don't think that's right."

Mayor Pam Mood thanked Crowe for taking on the issue.

"We certainly listened and in the end those people dealing with those issues, the burden on them will certainly be lessened because he had the guts to bring it forward and we were more than glad to step up to do our part."

Despite his frustration, Crowe took comfort that he could at least help with some of the financial burden.