Road Conditions Bad In Parts Of Clare

Posted on Friday, December 7, 2018 11:44 AM

Driving conditions in Clare got bad after nearly 20 centimetres of snow fell in a short period of time this morning.

Bill Thurston of the Department Transportation gives CJLS News an update.

"It's mostly on the Meteghan end of the 101. It's not snowing very hard there. They've got the trucks going but they're having a slug at it but they're there."

He says parts of Clare around Meteghan, were hit hard this morning.

"They've got as much as eight inches down. We've had the trucks out toward the 101 and Trunk 1 and it's still snowing here in Yarmouth, so we're going to send some of the other trucks out and try to slush them off."

Remember, driving conditions can change quickly.

(Photo: NS Highway Cams: Meteghan)