Youngsters Eager To Learn About Voting Process

Posted on Monday, May 29, 2017 11:49 AM

(Grade 3 French Immersion Students Madeline Mooney and Bryson Cottreau getting ready to cast their votes at Central School.
Photo-Y95 CJLS )

Today more than 15,000 elementary and high school students across Nova Scotia cast ballots for the official candidates running in their electoral district through the Student Vote program.

It's designed to help young people understand the basics of the electoral process.

186 schools registered to participate in Student Vote Nova Scotia 2017, representing 50 of 51 electoral districts.

One of those was Central School in Yarmouth.

The grade 3 and 4 French Immersion classes were among those participating.

Teacher Glenn Bourque says it's a great learning experience.

"It's very important. It gives them a chance to see what you do when you're 18 years old. Each party leader has responded to five important questions from across Nova Scotia and the students have had a chance to hear the answers, so they are making a somewhat informed decision today. They're still young but at least they are participating."

The results of the student votes will be released tomorrow at 8pm when the polls close in the provincial election.