Participants At Waterfront Symposium Asked To Create A "Vision" For The Future

Posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017 07:31 AM

About 40 people attended the Symposium at Mariners Centre and were asked to form working groups and look at different ways to enhance the waterfront.

Consulting firm WSP mediated the session and will take the ideas from Wednesday night and report back next Wednesday during an open house at Mariners Centre..

Greg Shay, Director of Finance for the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth and Manager of the Port of Yarmouth made a presentation.

He says there are some big challenges that lie ahead

"Real estate to expand port operations and to try and define capital monies to redevelop the port infrastructure that's there now because it's reached the end of its useful life. We've had engineering studies done that give some high-level estimates of the money that's involved so what we have to do is pick and choose and look for our opportunities at the federal channels and hope that our federal and provincial politicians get on the bandwagon and help us drive through some of these processes."

Deputy Mayor Phil Mooney took part in one of the working groups.

"If you look all across the tables, everybody came up with basically the same ideas. They wanted a working waterfront and they realized the importance of the fishery and they just wanted place for recreational opportunities and places for people to live. We had a great public consultation. They're going to go back and work on this and come back next week. I think there's enough of a consensus here and around the council table that there's a synergy between Main Street and Water Street."

Dave Warner of the Yarmouth Waterfront Development Corporation says it was a very good experience.

"Everyone had a different thought and came from different directions. There needs to be a combination. everyone seems to agree with that as long as we don't take away something that's really working. How the end result will be...council will make a decision once the process is complete. The Yarmouth Waterfront Development Corporation has been in place for 25 years. We had a 20 year plan so we've done what we could. Maybe it's time to move on and do something different. The Industrial Commission is in the same boat. So in a sense, it's bringing together things that have worked and maybe giving them a new structure suited to today. That's what I see."