Jadon Robinson Memorial Softball Tournament Raises $6500 For JStrong Foundation

Posted on Monday, August 29, 2016 14:03 PM

A softball tournament raised $6,500 for the JStrong Foundation over the weekend.

The first annual Jadon Robinson Memorial Softball Tournament saw 17 teams take the field in Hebron.

The JStrong Foundation was started to help underprivledged kids play sports, whether it be for registration or equipment.

The foundation is named after Robinson, a popular Yarmouth teen and football standout who passed away last year.

Organizer Steve Berry says the amount of money raised is appropriate.

"Jaden's football number was 65," he says.

"At the moment, we're at $6,500 on the dot, we still have a few funds to come in, and some expenses, but $6,500 seems to be right where we're at."

Adam Pyne says Robinson was basically a nephew to him.

Pyne says it's no coincidence that the amount raised matched Robinson's football jersey number, 65.

"Somehow, someway, he's finding a way to put it into everything we do," he says.

"The amount raised is awesome, we weren't expecting that much whatsoever, and I think next year will be a bigger and even better tournament."

The New Jays defeated No Mercy in the A Division, and Sakes and Sons took the B Division over the Angry Birds in tightly contested games.

Berry says this will become an annual event.

A memorial golf tournament in Robinson's name was held earlier this summer as well.