TCRSB Buses Won't Travel On Some Gravel Roads Until Further Notice

Posted on Monday, February 27, 2017 17:14 PM

Some buses won't be travelling on certain gravel roads starting tomorrow.

This is due to an early thaw leaving the roads in poor condition.

The Tri-County Regional School Board and Department of Transportation say this will be effective for a few days or longer.

The roads that will be closed are as follows:

Digby County-
Doucetteville Road- From French Road intersection to Gilberts Cove Road
Sissiboo Road- North Range Road End
Bloomfield Road
Maxwellton Road
d'Entremont Road
C Boudreau Road

Yarmouth County-
Lake Vaughan Road- From Gavel Road to Mikes Road
Lake George Road- From County Line Road to K&L Annis Road in Lake Annis.

Interim Board Superintendent Dr. Jim Gunn says weight restrictions play a big factor.

"The cars are still driving on these roads, it's just that the bus is too heavy for the road. If the road dries up in a few days, that's great. If the roads freeze up, then the buses will be back on them, right now they are too soft."

Gunn says parents will be responsible for getting their children to the nearest bus stop.

He says the board will update when roads will be open for buses again, and if more areas need to be added to the list.