Transportation Minister Says Province And Bay Ferries Always Looking For Options To Improve NS To New England Service

Posted on Friday, November 10, 2017 11:44 AM

Nova Scotia's Minister of Transportation says they are always working with Bay Ferries in looking for new opportunities for the Cat ferry service out of Yarmouth, calling it a good relationship.

Lloyd Hines was referring to the company's expression of interest in Bar Harbour as a possible destination.

Bay Ferries CEO Mark MacDonald told Acadia News this week that Bay Ferries has expressed an interest in Bar Harbour.

Here is a link to that story.

The company could drop Portland altogether or use both ports.

MacDonald says it was far too soon for any final decision.

Hines says the development is nothing new.

"Bay Ferries did operate a Bar Harbour service in the mid-2000's. As we look over the service to see where the opportunities are for improvement, then this is one of the options that was always on the table."

Hines says Mark MacDonald is an experienced ferry operator and the government has great confidence in his decisions saying "it's not his first rodeo".

He says Bay Ferries and the government know the importance of the U-S market,

"Nova Scotia is the only non-island province in the Confederation that doesn't have a land bridge to the United States. The U-S is our country's largest trading partner, Nova Scotia does a big book of business with them."