Meeting Tonight To Discuss Possibilities Of New Natural Playground At Ellenwood Park

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 10:47 AM

A meeting is being held tonight to discuss the development of a natural playground at Ellenwood Park in Yarmouth County.

Recreation Coordinator Misty James says a few years ago the community was asked about what initiatives could be put in place to help families become more active.

She says a playground at the park was identified as one of those.

James says the existing playground structure needs to be replaced.

"It's old and rickety, it's pretty small. Jillian (Griffin), our Active Living Coordinator and Deanna Nauss with the Department of Natural Resources got together and started talking."

She says it's part of Yarmouth Recreation's physical activity strategy to create these types of spaces.

"A few years ago we asked the community about things that they'd like to see that would help them and their families be more active, especially outdoors."

Tonight's meeting takes place at 6 o'clock at the ski cabin in Ellenwood Park.

James says it will be a brainstorming session.

"Maybe develop a committee to start looking at a project that would create a natural play space at Ellenwood. It's a natural spot"

For more information you can call Yarmouth Recreation at 902-742-8868.