First Annual Rucksack March Declared A Success By Organizers

Posted on Monday, April 16, 2018 11:28 AM

20-thousand steps.

That's what it took participants to march in the first annual Rucksack March in Yarmouth on Saturday.

Former military members Todd Muise and Andre Boudreau organized the event to raise awareness about the supports that are available for veterans and first responders suffering the affects of PTSD and operational stress injury.

One of the support organizations is the Operational Stress Injury Social Support Program.

It's a partnership between the Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs Canada.

The services are designed to complement other mental health and family support services available from both departments.

Former soldier Tim Elliot is with the organization.

He says military members are trained to not recognize weakness and to just "soldier on".

"When people get an operational stress injury they don't understand why they have it. They're embarrassed about it, they're afraid to talk to people about. They suffer for years and their families suffer as well."

90 people took part in the Rucksack March, triple the number that organizers had first expected.

You can hear the interview with Tim Elliot and others involved in the Rucksack March, on the Y95 Weekender this Sunday morning.