Recent Storms Cause Havoc With Local Blood Collection

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 11:53 AM

Canadian Blood Services lost 790 planned units of blood after winter storms earlier this month cancelled 16 clinics.

Peter MacDonald of Canadian Blood Services says they are hoping to fill the gap at clinics this week in Western Nova Scotia.

"The weather created a significant challenge for us two weeks ago. We had 16 blood donor clinics across Atlantic Canada cancelled. That was 789 planned units of blood. that's more in one week than we lost all last winter due to snow storms."

One was held yesterday in Clare and there are two clinics today in Yarmouth and Thursday in Barrington Passage.

Peter MacDonald of Canadian Blood Services says the need is always there.

"The challenge that a lot of people won't realize is that blood is perishable. Fortunately at Canadian Blood Services we manage a national inventory so when situations like that arise we can rely on the national inventory to ensure that hospital patients get the blood they need when they need it. The piece now is that we need to recover our inventory locally and get back to where we need to be. Last week we had a successful week of collections. now this week we have clinics in Clare, Yarmouth and Barrington Passage. It's really important that the communities respond so that we can get the blood inventory back to where it needs to be so that patients in the Tri-Counties never have to question whether blood will be available to them when they require it."