DFO "Perplexed But Not Stumped" Over Fish Kill In Digby County

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2016 13:47 PM

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans says it still has not been determined what killed herring, lobsters, scallops and other
marine life along the shores of St. Mary's Bay.

More questions remain than than answers following a news conference held by DFO this morning at the Bedford Institute
of Oceanography.

Tests to determine toxins, infectious disease and water quality have so far come back negative.

DFO regional director of fisheries management, David Wentzell says some information has been helpful in at least ruling out certain causes.

" We've also been able to confirm with our colleagues at the (Canadian) Food Inspection Agency that there are no shellfish toxins in the herring samples that were tested."

DFO says says since there were no abnormalities found in the water or on the sea floor, the cause is "not likely environmental."

Derreck Parsons, a senior compliance program officer for DFO, said there doesn't appear to be any more dying fish washing ashore.

Kent Smedbol, manager of population ecology for DFO and his staff have been responsible for some of the monitoring investigations.

"We were able to get to St. Mary's Bay yesterday. The purpose of that trip was to take a look at the physical environment and oceanography . We took water samples, looked at dissolved oxygen content, temperature, salinity. We also undertook few hydro-acoustic runs."