HOPE To Showcase New Building Tonight

Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2017 13:45 PM

It's a big night for Yarmouth's Handicapped Organization Promoting Equality.

It is the official opening of their new building at the corner of Argyle and Bond streets.

Although staff and clients have been using the new facility for a few weeks now, it will be the first time that many from the public will get a chance to see it.

HOPE was flooded out of their previous location at 84 Main Street last winter after a pipe burst.

"oordinator Linda Vickery says they are proud of their new place.

"We've got a beautiful building to show everybody. With all the hard work everybody has done, it would be very, very nice to get as many of the donors that have helped bring this building, and our dream to reality, to be there."

Vickery says HOPE has been a part of Yarmouth south for at least 20 years.

"When you stop and look at that corner now where Mandy (Rennehan) has done so much work across the road and we've got the Red and White there and our new building and the Boys and Girls Club is getting geared up. It's going to make it a real nice spot. Yarmouth is going to happen at the south-end now." Vickery laughs and says "It won't be centre town anymore..we're goin' downtown."

The old Hope centre was demolished in late January.

The interior design company RennDuPrat purchased the building.

Tonight's (Thursday July 29) official opening at the new HOPE Centre goes from 7-9.