New Maple Grove Community Pride Club

Posted on Thursday, November 8, 2018 12:46 PM

A new group has been formed to carry on from the former Maple Grove/Yarmouth High Memorial Club.

After 33 years, the Memorial Club disbanded in March.

The new group is called 'The Maple Grove Community Pride Club'.

The teacher-advisor is Darren Muise, who has a history of military service.

He tells CJLS News about the new club.

"The real need will be to do work in the community. So, it's not just a Memorial Club, it's not just for veterans, it's not just for our service people, but it's about working for our community. I really think that's important."

The club's first main event was Wednesday's Remembrance Day service at Maple Grove.

Yesterday members of the The Maple Grove Community Pride Club will be placing flags on the graves of veteran's at Our Lady of Calvary Cemetery.