Tax Rates Going Down In The Town of Yarmouth

Posted on Friday, May 19, 2017 05:14 AM

Town Council approved their 2017/2018 budget Thursday night.

The residential rate is $1.64 per $100 of assessment, three cents lower than last year.

Commercial rates are down five cents to $4.26 per $100.

Mayor Pam Mood says the town was paying for the sewer out of another fund over the last five years.

She says the sewer now pays for itself and that has implications for this budget.

"So what we did is we took down the 5 cents on the residential, decreased 7 cents on commercial and then we added 2 cents onto each of those. People will pay less. People are pretty excited about that."

There is an $87,000 surplus.

Mood says a number of projects in the budget including Main Street bumpouts and paving, demolition of the Domtex building, Th'YARC, wharf repairs and more.

The budget totals over $17 million.