Plane Flying Over Yarmouth At Night Prompts Complaints

Posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017 11:44 AM

Many people have been wondering about a small plane flying above Yarmouth over the past several nights.

It actually prompted a couple of complaints to the Yarmouth International Airport.

Airport manager Mike Fields says planes from the Moncton flight school and the Fredericton campus do cross-country training flights.

"They have to get their hours up so they come to Yarmouth to do touch and goes and practice their landings and take-offs. The schools come down on a regular basis through the year. We find that due to the dark hours in the wintertime they come more frequently in the winter but we do see them throughout the summer as well."

Fields says the complaints prompted him to close that particular airspace from 11pm until 6am so people can get some sleep.

He says the plane is a two-seater twin-prop Cessna.