NS Film Crews Spending Less Time On Set

Posted on Thursday, January 11, 2018 20:32 PM

Nova Scotian film crews are working drastically fewer hours.

Numbers released this week by the the union representing film workers, show crews are working less than half the hours they were before government cut the film tax credit in 2014.

IATSE local 849 President Jenny Reeves says the reason is obvious.

" I would say that it could be entirely attributed to the fact that the provincial Liberals have completely gutted the film tax credit. Replacing it with an incentive system that is sub-par at best."

Reeves says cutting equity funding really hurt their members.

"Equity funding is something that local indigenous producers use to flesh out their funding for smaller shows. there's less and less of those indigenous productions going on as well which used to sort of fill in the gaps for us between larger productions."

Reeves says incentives offered by Nova Scotia don't measure up to those in other provinces and workers here are being left behind.

She is also concerned the new Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive Fund favours documentary style productions over feature films that would employ more of her members.

The NDP critic for Film and Television, MLA Susan LeBlanc says it seems to her, that is exactly what is happened.

"The benefit of the tax credit was a labour credit. So it was directly benefiting people working in Nova Scotia, which is obviously what we need. There may be lots of productions happening, but there are less people working on them."

Nova Scotia Business Inc. is responsible to review and approve productions on behalf of the province.

President & CEO Laurel Broten says the fund doesn't favour one form of production over another.

She says since they began administering the fund in July of 2015, 97 applications, including several television series, have been received and approved.

Broten says the NS Film and Television Production Incentive Fund is designed to stimulate and support the production of Nova Scotian  film and television projects based on money spent by filmmakers working in Nova Scotia.