Barrington Fraudster Strikes Again in Valley

Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2017 12:00 PM

The short changing fraudster has struck again; this time in Hantsport.

Last week, a man went into a store and purchased a small item with a large bill in Barrington.

He then became agitated with the cashier while she was attempting to give him the proper amount of money back.

The man received more money than he should have.

Cpl. Dal Hutchinson says he's concerned about comments on social media blaming the cashier.

"It's fine for people to sit back behind their computer and play the armchair police officer or armchair cashier, but until they are in that situation they shouldn't be so quick to pass judgment on people. These people are professional."

Hutchinson says many don't understand that while the crime seems minor, it's actually a type of fraud.

"The person is going in there with the intent to get more money than they are actually spending and what they should get back in change."

He says small amounts of cash have been taken at each store, but it adds up quickly.

RCMP is reaching out to business owners to advise them to step in if they see customers becoming agitated with their employees.