Province Announces Plans Around The Legalization of Cannabis

Posted on Thursday, December 7, 2017 12:42 PM

Government began rolling out its plan to regulate the sale of recreational cannabis today.

The legal age to purchase cannabis in Nova Scotia will be set 19.

Justice Minister Mark Furey feels this strikes a balance and meets the province's objectives.

"The age of 19 strikes a balance between our ability to continue to protect public health, but at the same time mitigate the illicit market and transition to a legal, regulated market."

The province will sell it through the NSLC, however not all outlets will keep it in stock.

Furey also raised concerns at the announcement around how profits from the sale of cannabis will divided between the federal government and the province.

"We believe 50/50 is not reasonable, and it is our intentions to try to influence a larger portion of that revenue," he says.

"Simply because 100 per cent of those costs are being borne by the Province."

Furey also speculated a home delivery model could be used to sell cannabis similar to how the federal government distributes medicinal cannabis.