Yarmouth 'Bean There, Ran That' Marathon Held Sunday

Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 15:54 PM

(Photo: Facebook)

The Yarmouth 'Bean There, Ran That' Marathon was held Sunday.

Just three people ran the full marathon, and Andrew Wagstaff of Parrsboro had the top finish at just over three hours and 42 minutes.

'Jack-e's Team' won the relay event at over four hours and five minutes.

Yarmouth native Marco Albright won the half-marathon at one hour, 29 minutes, 22 seconds.

Bryan Hipson ran the fastest 10k at 36 minutes 52 seconds,

Sherry Goodwin ran the 5k in 21 minutes 49 seconds and nine year old Dana Hill had the top 12 and under 5k time at 20 minutes, 55 seconds.