Trail Association Undaunted By Ongoing Damage And Maintenance But Looking For New Members

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2017 10:47 AM

(photo Yarmouth County Trail Development Association-Facebook)

The head of an organization which acts as stewards of the 87 kilometres of multi-use trails in Yarmouth County says human-caused damage is an ongoing problem.

The Yarmouth County Trail Development Association members are all volunteers and number just over a dozen.

Chairperson Ron Day says with limited human and financial resources, it's hard to keep up with regular maintenance of the trails, let alone
repair the damage that is done intentionally, in most cases, by irresponsible Off-Road-Vehicle or motorcycle users.

"There'll be water in the ditches and they'll go into the ditch and tear the ditch up. If we've got a machine in the area then we'll repair those areas but if it's really bad then yes, we've had to hire a contractor to go out and add gravel and repair the damage."

Day says groups like theirs get some funding from registration fees of all-terrain vehicles and the like, grants from municipal governments and some other sources, but it is never enough to cover all the costs of repairs.

He says there are a very small percentage of ATV users who are causing the damage.

Day says the trails are meant for everyone to enjoy and all users should act as stakeholders.

Day says they also work within a very tight budget.

He says materials to repair bridges and trail beds are very expensive.