Movie To Be Filmed At Cape Forchu, Yarmouth Airport

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 11:50 AM

Some big stars are reportedly coming to Yarmouth to shoot a movie this spring.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Robert Pattinson, star of the 'Twilight' movie saga and Academy Award nominee Willem Dafoe are part of the horror film 'The Lighthouse,' directed by Roger Eggers.

Municipality of Yarmouth Warden Leland Anthony confirmed that a production company has chosen Yarmouth for filming.

Set construction is underway on the Leif Ericson Park in Cape Forchu, and filming will also take place inside a large hangar at the Yarmouth Airport.

Anthony says they signed a contract recently with the production company.

He says the company is building a 71 foot-tall lighthouse at the park, and the Cape Forchu Lighthouse won't be in any scenes.

"Our lighthouse won't be in any of their shots. They won't have to hide our lighthouse because of where they're filming, near the rocks on the Leif Ericsson Trail."

Anthony says the park will be closed until May 11th, and there will be security on-hand 24/7, but people should still be able to visit the Cape Forchu Lighthouse.

He says about 70 people will be involved in the production of the film.

He says the set will be dismantled once filming is complete.

Anthony says he and council are very excited, and hopes this leads to further opportunities for Yarmouth down the road.

"This will help raise the bar higher for us. We can now say that a movie called 'The Lighthouse' was shot at our lighthouse. It's a great first step."