Literacy, Numeracy, Math Scores On The Upswing In The Tri-County Regional School Board

Posted on Monday, February 12, 2018 08:39 AM

(TCRSB Superintendant Paul Ash-CJLS News)

Literacy, numeracy and math scores are on the upswing in the Tri-County Regional School Board.

Staff presented the 2017/18 assessment results for Grade 6 students at a meeting earlier this week.

In reading, the numbers were up five percent this year from the baseline of 66.7 percent.

For math, scores were up nearly six percent this year compared to the 65 percent baseline.

Improvements were also made in several writing categories.

Superintendent Paul Ash says they expect the numbers will continue to rise.

"That's are end goal but one step at a time. It's nice to see that we made some progress last year but we haven't arrived anywhere close to where we expect to be in the next four or five years."

The board has developed a five-year strategy on literacy, numeracy, students services and culture and climate.

Ash says staff will continue to consult with teachers and the community on priorities.