Yarmouth Looks To Amend Zoning Bylaws For Cannabis

Posted on Monday, February 11, 2019 12:24 PM

The Town of Yarmouth is looking to amend its zoning bylaws.

Specifically it wants to allow recreational cannabis companies to be able to grow and process plants in industrial zones.

Mayor Pam Mood says one area though will be off limits.

"What happened at the recent PAC meeting was some discussion around the waterfront and would we allow that on the waterfront and we did recommend that we take that option off the table."

Mayor Mood says the public will have another opportunity to speak on the issue.

She tells us the town is always looking to attract new business and expand its tax base.

"Folks are always saying we need industry. This is an industry that is certainly growing, it creates jobs."

Mayor Mood says the town will not allow cannabis producers along the waterfront.

She says there will be another opportunity for the public to speak on the matter.

The town already has regulations in place to permit medical marijuana facilities within selected industrial zones.