Two From Yarmouth Facing Animal Cruelty Related Charges

Posted on Monday, October 30, 2017 16:10 PM

Two people from Yarmouth have been charged in separate SPCA investigations into animal cruelty.

Chief Inspector Special Constable Jo-Anne Landsburg says they received a complaint from the public on October 2nd relating to a number of animals in distress at a property in Yarmouth.

"When our officers arrived, they found three dogs in immediate distress. Those dogs were removed from the property that day. On October 6th, provincial officers returned to the property with a search warrant. They searched the property and an additional seven dogs were removed from the property."

Douglas Wilson has been charged with a number of offences, including causing animals to be in distress, failing to provide animals with adequate food, failing to provide adequate medical attention when an animal was wounded or ill, confining animals to an enclosure in an area with inadequate space and unsanitary conditions, and willfully permitting uneccessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal.

In a separate investigation, SPCA officers seized a dog from a property on Main Street on October 2nd.

The seizure stemmed from an investigation through the month of September after a public complaint.

Nicole Jacquard is charged with causing an animal to be in distress and willfully permitting unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal.

Jacquard and Wilson are both expected to appear in Yarmouth Provincial Court on December 18th.