JRCC Responds To A Number Of Calls For Assistance From Fishing Vessels

Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 15:37 PM

The second day of the lobster fishing season in Southwestern Nova Scotia saw a number of calls for assistance come in to the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax.

Lt. Linda Coleman, a spokesperson for the Department of National Defence, says a Cormorant helicopter was dispatched in response to a mayday call from the vessel 'Princess Paisley' off Cape Sable Island this morning.

A 25 year old man was airlifted to Yarmouth Regional Hospital.

Major Mark Norris with JRCC says a second medevac took place today when a man was brought to shore on his own vessel and taken to Yarmouth hospital by ambulance.

Maj. Norris says a vessel was thought to be sinking in our area today as well.

"The good news there is that there was another vessel very close. As they were taking on water, they cross-loaded into the other fishing boat. It's nice to see everyone helping each other out."

As it turned out, the vessel wasn't sinking and was then towed to shore.

There were no injuries.

JRCC says the vessel was located off the coast of Lockeport, and four people were on board.

Maj. Norris says three vessels were disabled and needed a tow, and another vessel started taking on water, but the crew managed the intake and they were heading back to shore.

He says it's been a heavy day, but JRCC is working hard to make sure everything is coordinated and that there is no loss of life.