Nova Scotia's Lieutenant Governor To Present Community Spirit Award To West Pubnico

Posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017 13:58 PM

Tomorrow may be Friday the 13th, but it's not an unlucky day for West Pubnico.

The Lieutenant Governor's Community Spirit Award will be presented in the community at 11:30am.

The ceremony will take place at the West Pubnico Legion.

Lt. Gov Arthur J. LeBlanc and his wife will be in attendance to present the award.

Charlene LeBlanc, Community Development Officer for the Municipality of Argyle nominated West Pubnico after the success of the Chase the Ace event last year.

"I was so excited. When I sent the application, I looked it over one more time, kissed the envelope and mailed it away. I really didn't think my application could get any better. I knew we deserved it, and we did!"

She says the volunteers in the community deserve this recognition.

"We just built a trail completely with volunteers. Volunteers play a big role in West Pubnico's success in both the past and the future."

LeBlanc says those in attendance are asked to be seated by 11:15.

The Lt. Gov will present an original piece of NovaScotian Crystal etched with a representation of West Pubnico's story.

Rappie pie and cake will be served after the presentation.