Clean Up Continues At Yarmouth Hospital

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2016 13:57 PM

The clean up and remediation from damage caused by a flood two weeks ago is keeping the public out of Building B at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital.

While clean up work slowed a bit over the Christmas holidays, professional crews and staff are back at it and the remediation will continue
through the New Year's weekend.

Spokesman Fraser Mooney says several doctors and staff had to relocate.

"One of the biggest things that needed to be done over the last few days was packing up furniture and files in offices where a lot of the repair work is going to be done. All that material has been moved out into other areas and so now the real work to seal-off the affected areas and begin the repair work can begin."

Mooney says anyone with an appointment to diagnostic imaging is reminded that area cannot be accessed from the lobby off the
main entrance.

People with appointments at diagnostic imaging should park in the front parking lot near the school of nursing and enter through the old
section of the hospital.