Municipality Of Argyle Say Community Hall Grant Program 'Very Successful'

Posted on Monday, September 11, 2017 06:41 AM

The Municipality of Argyle says a grant program has helped local community halls complete large scale projects faster.

The program is designed to provide immediate financial assistance to the halls.

CAO Alain Muise says the halls used to be part of the general Grants to Organizations process.

Muise says the funds that were being given weren't sufficient.

"We were trying to give everybody a small amount, which didn't allow them to achieve their goals. We then created this new program for them in particular."

Muise says this year, council has injected $70,000 for five community halls.

"We decided to aggressively fund those, which will leave less clubs in need next year. The likelihood is that the original $45,000 annual budget for the project will be reinstated next year."

To date, eight halls have received a combined $110,000.