Barbie Brings' You Can Be Anything' Contest, 'Pop-Up Party' To Yarmouth Mall

Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2017 17:27 PM

(Photo: Mayor Pam Mood Facebook)

Barbie took over the Yarmouth Mall today.

A 'Pop-Up Party' was held and hundreds were in attendance, most wearing pink shirts.

There was an opportunity to pick up a new 'Construction Barbie,' there were activities, refreshments and more, all to celebrate the girls and women of Yarmouth.

The day was made possible through Mattel and local entrepreneur Mandy Rennehan.

The 'You Can Be Anything' contest paired Yarmouth's Xoe Nickerson with Rennehan at her studio, RennDuPrat, to learn about the field of trades.

Rennehan says she and Nickerson spent a great day together.

"We were using the best and highest quality technologies today, we were putting things together, we built a beautiful sign. Her and I were two peas in a pod. They couldn't have picked a better young lady to be a part of it. Her passion is with a hammer in hand, and she really proved that today."

Rennehan and Nickerson arrived to the party in the 'Barbie mobile.'