Residents Of Yarmouth Encouraged To 'Get Involved'

Posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017 11:43 AM

"Get Involved".

That's exactly what the mayor and council in the town of Yarmouth are encouraging citizens to do.

A new website has been launched called

Mayor Pam Mood says they will be posting updates on strategic projects on the website like the arts and culture centre and the waterfront engagement project.

She says they just want to give people as many ways as possible to become engaged.

"We wanted to create a public engagement forum where we would be able to tap into the public's questions, ensure that the public is engaged and kept up to date on all our major projects."

Mood says the website offers people a safe and respectful environment.

She says not everyone feels comfortable on social media expressing their thoughts.

Mayor Mood says participation on the website requires registration to help the town gather demographic geographical information.