Work Finally Underway At Site Of New Yarmouth Elementary School

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2017 10:41 AM

Work has begun on the new Yarmouth Elementary School at the corner of Parade Street and Brunswick Streets.

Construction was delayed due to the Nova Scotia election call nearly four months ago, so the school won't be open until September 2019, a year later than scheduled.

Steve Stoddart, director of operations for the Tri-County Regional School Board says they're very pleased to see the project has started.

"What I understand right now is that they're getting all the concrete work done before winter sets in, then they'll be back in the spring to begin full construction."

Stoddart says the location, the site of the former Yarmouth Junior High School, and the building's design, are well matched.

'The selection committee, I think, did a great job in picking that site and when people see the school up, it's state-of -the-art, it's the latest design and we're very excited about that. Hopefully within the next week or so we'll have a link on our site ( ) so people can follow the construction and we'll have a rendering of the school and what it will look like, so it's a very exciting time for students and staff of Yarmouth Central."

Students now attending Yarmouth Central School will go to the new school.

It includes students from the former South Centennial School, which closed in June of 2016.