Work Continues On Yarmouth Sewer Separation Project On Cliff Street

Posted on Friday, July 14, 2017 13:12 PM

Work is progressing on Cliff Street as the Town of Yarmouth continues its sewer separation project.

The new water, sewer and storm piping has been installed as far as Thurston Street.

The new water line has yet to be tested from Willow to Thurston streets.

They are hoping to begin paving in the near future.

Mayor Pam Mood says the sewer separation project has been an extensive one.

"It's a really in depth project. Separating pipes, putting new ones in, there is a lot of digging. They've dug quite deep already. A lot of intricate work that has to be done and done right."

Since last year, the project has seen work on Brown and Main Streets.

The total cost is roughly $3.3 million, but the federal government is contributing $1.7 million, and the province $859,000.