Fire Pits Still Not Permitted In Town Of Yarmouth

Posted on Friday, August 11, 2017 13:29 PM

If you are using a backyard fire pit in the Town of Yarmouth, you could be fined.

It is illegal to use them or have any kind of open fire within town limits.

And it will cost you. It's an indictable offence with a fine of $237.50 for each day you burn illegally.

Mayor Pam Mood says last fall council discussed possibly easing restrictions contained in the fire pit bylaw, but in the end she said the issue fell dead.

"You have to be able to police these types of things; the number of contacts people made with me regarding people with allergies; the smoke going into their homes. We are an urban area, that means we are within close proximity to our neighbours. It's just unsafe."

Propane fire pits are permitted in town.