It's Lights Out. Edd Morton's Displays Brightened Christmases 13 Years.

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2016 08:40 AM

After 13 Christmases, Edd's Place in Hebron is closed.

A display of over 35,000 lights that spread joy across the Tri-Counties and beyond has been taken down for the final time.

Edd Morton turned his property into the winter wonderland each year, and says it was time to retire due to health reasons.

His wife used to volunteer at the Salvation Army and would bring home broken sets of Christmas lights.

'I invented a tester that I could find a burnt bulb in seconds. So I'd fix them and I'd start putting them up. The first year I had 3,185 and it grew from that."

He says he had to rely on others to put up the lights this year, and knew it was time.

"This year getting them up and getting them down, I did more sitting and pointing than I actually worked. There comes a time for every good thing to end. I guess I've had it."

He says he's thankful for those who helped set up the lights over the past few years.

Morton says people from all over that enjoyed the display wrote in a guest book.

"The one that really sticks out in my mind is one from Truro and they wrote "the drive was really worth it."

He says signatures from as far away as Brazil and China were in the book.

Morton says it feels good to know that his display became a family tradition for many in the area.

The lights will be given to Dayton Red and White owners Mark and April Jayne.