Lost and Found

Lost or Found something? CJLS will help you find it or return it to its owner. The Lost and Found program is broadcast at approximately 12:30 Monday to Friday at no charge. Those items will also be listed on this page for all  to see at any time. Our announcers may also mention items listed here throughout the broadcast day as time permits.

To report Lost or Found item, please fill out the attached form and SUBMIT it. It will go directly to our administration desk and be added as quickly as possible to our current list. You may also call in to CJLS at 902-742-7175, during regular business hours, FAX it to 902-742-3143 or e-mail [email protected]

Date item lost or found.
Please describe your lost/found item. Please be sure to include your contact information so the finder/owner can get in touch with you too!